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LADY You buy a unique piece! The painting  LADY  is one of the works... more
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You buy a unique piece! The painting LADY is one of the works from the series: THE FUTURE IS NOW. It is painted with acrylic on a weather-resistant fabric. The fabric and the support wooden frame, are weatherproof. The painting is suitable for indoor and outdoor! It can be hung quite simple with two nails directly. Order online - conveniently delivered to your home - unpack - hang up - enjoy!

Unique piece: 110 x 150 x 4 cm

The work is unique and you will receive a certificate with name, date and signature.

Shipping and delivery time
The painting will be shipped in a wooden box.
Approx. 10 working days delivery time.

This art series invites you to dive into a bloom of creative possibilities. Each piece in this series opens a window into the future, an ode to the fusion of technology and art. The delicate flowers and motifs you'll discover here are inspired by designs I've created using artificial intelligence. Look at each painting and feel the energy that comes from the connection between man and machine. These artworks remind us that our ideas of creativity and beauty know no bounds. They challenge you to expand your perspective and question the boundaries between man and machine. As you dive into this world of art, you'll discover not only beautiful portraits of women, flowers, and birds, but also the progress of our time. Because art is not only a reflection of our past, but also a window into our future. Feel the fascination that these works radiate and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of "THE FUTURE IS NOW". Who knows, you might find the artwork that touches your heart and inspires your soul. Welcome to the future of art.

Shirin Donia art at your home

I am glad that you are interested in a Shirin Donia artwork for your home. For art lovers and people who value exceptional interior design, interiordesign or design in general, my art is suitable in any form. Each mixed media painting, original oil painting or acrylic painting or a high-quality art print - guaranteed an eye-catcher in your stylish ambience. Particularly well accentuate the artwork in an old apartment or houses in the Bauhaus style. Whether you want to beautify your living room, bedroom, dining room or hallway with art - in my large assortment of artworks, paintings and art prints, you'll certainly find - I would be happy!

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