FAQ - General

You have a question? Maybe the answer can already be found in the FAQS ("frequently asked questions"). If you don't find the answer, my team and I will be happy to help you

What is the difference between a unique piece and a print?

Prints are high-resolution scans of an original artwork, which are then printed on high-quality paper or canvas. An original artwork is a piece of art that has been hand painted and is one of a kind.

What is the difference between a canvas print and a hand painted canvas print?

All the information, including an explanatory video, can be found here: https://shirin-donia.com/infos-kunsttechniken.

I have ordered something, what happens now?

Congratulations! After you place an order, you will receive an email confirmation with your order number and a summary of the production and shipping process. So be on the lookout for this email in your inbox.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We are proud to ship worldwide to all countries in the world.

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes, we accept a variety of payment methods

How long will it take for my order to ship?

The type of product you order will determine packaging and delivery times. In general, you should expect to receive your artwork within 10 business days or 3 weeks.

 FAQ - Commissioned art

What is the process from the idea to my personal artwork?

The beginning is already done! You have landed on my site and are starting to get informed - thank you for your interest in a personalized artwork.

STEP ONE! The Vision

STEP TWO! Collecting personalized content

STEP THREE! Creating your painting

STEP FOUR! Big reveal

For the detailed process, check out for CUSTOM ART PRIVATE here and for CUSTOM ART CORPORATE here.

Do I already have to have a finished idea of my artwork?

No! It is enough if you have a rough idea. We will be happy to develop the basis for your painting together.

How can I imagine working with Shirin?

As soon as you have decided on a commissioned work, a 30-minute video phone call will be arranged between us. Here we get to know each other and exchange ideas.

My goal is to create a joint work that combines your vision and my creativity. To create a work of art that goes far beyond a "picture of a person". A painting for eternity, which honors and appreciates your life story, your moments, your highlights. Therefore, we will be in close exchange throughout the whole process and together we will reach step by step your perfect heart painting.

Do we have to meet in person or can we do it online?

Thanks to modern technology online is enough! Many of my clients of commissioned works are far away on other accounts and I have never met them in person. A lively exchange by mail, Facetime and/or WhatsApp allows a joint creation process even at a distance.

What is the basis for my artwork?

Once you either know what the subject of your commissioned work should be or we have defined this point together, I need a photo template of the main subject (eg a portrait photo).

For the background or other content you collect everything that is important to you to immortalize in your artwork. These are printed out and fill the background as mixed media collage material. These can be memories that are of value in your life and are associated with a good feeling, e.g. photos, birth certificates, building plans, city maps, song lyrics, poems, mottos, dates/numbers, concert tickets, airline tickets, letters, postcards, etc.

If applicable, also haptic materials e.g. fabrics, wallpapers, posters, books....

Alternatively, you can have me make a painting inspired by an existing painting, more about this below under point: "Can I have an existing, sold work of yours painted again?"

How good does the quality of my template photo/s have to be?

The photo template for the painted main subject (eg portrait photo) should be in good digital template, so that as many details are visible. A cell phone photo is enough, but if it is very blurry or even blurred, I recommend using another photo as a basis.

The photo templates/details for the background should be in such good quality that they print in the desired size. Often cell phone photos are sufficient here as well, if the maximum print size is to be approx. DIN A4.

Can I get areas painted differently than they are on the photo template?

Yes! The photo template is only the basis for the painting, it does not have to be the final template. For example, I can digitally edit the photo in advance so that the person in the photo is smiling instead of looking serious, the hair is longer or shorter, the person looks made up, eye color, age, glasses on or off - everything can be changed. Even the requirement that the person is only a base inspiration and a "similar" looking person is painted final is not a problem.

Can I have an existing, sold work of yours painted again?

No. My painted artworks are unique and there will not be the same painting twice. However, it is conceivable to create a commissioned work inspired by one of my paintings. It can either be quite close to the painting template, serve as a loose inspiration base or be a "mash-up" of several of my paintings. It is also feasible to implement your photo in the style of one of my paintings.

What input can I give?

Text content

Can several people be portrayed on one painting?

Absolutely several persons can be immortalized on one painting!

Do I need a common photo with all persons on it?

No, it is enough if I have photos of each person, I can arrange them while painting so that it looks natural.

What designs/styles are possible?

Most of my paintings are a mix of different materials, as well as acrylic and oil painting. So are the commissioned works.

It makes sense if you look at a few of my series in advance and then tell me which style you like best.

Poppig colorful like the works from the SUPERPOWER series or rather cool and kept in predominantly black and white tones like the REBELs or multilayered and young like the STREETART series or rather elegant like the works from the BE YOUTUFUL series?

Which formats are possible?

All of them! From mini small artworks to huge wall installations, everything is possible. Economically, however, it makes sense only from a size of about 90 x 120 cm, since the effort of painting does not decrease significantly with a smaller format.

Is a smaller work much cheaper?

No, see one question above "What formats are possible".

How is the price calculated?

The prices for commissioned works start at about € 4,000.

Under certain circumstances, there are possibilities to produce cheaper works, but then in the digital art area. For example, a digital work, which is later refined with color application.

Otherwise, the prices are comparable to those of my large-format unique works. Whereby another important factor is how elaborate the work should be, how many people are depicted and how many works they order. I can give you an exact price when I have the completed ORDER ART FORM from you.

Occasionally I am looking for reference objects, in which case we can talk about a discount. Unfortunately, not all orders are suitable for this, but feel free to contact us in this regard if you are interested in a discount.

Payment by installments is possible - see two points lower "Payment modalities".

Is the frame included in the price?

For my "standard format" 100 x 140 cm, a plain frame is included in the price. Not for all other formats. Since I don't make my own frames, I'll get a quote for the frame here and let you know as soon as we agree and I have the quote for the frame.

The artwork does not need a frame, it can be quite modern to hang the painting without a frame.

What are the payment terms?

After the order is placed, a deposit of 50% is required. After completion and before the handover of the painting, the second half and, if applicable, the transport costs are due.

An installment payment with or without a one-time payment is possible via Paypal. Here you could, for example, with a work for € 4,800, - comfortably, without down payment over 24 months with ca.€ 200, - pay monthly or make a one-time payment of € 1,200, - and pay off € 150, - per month. Please contact us if you have any questions.

How can I be sure that the result is what I want?

First of all, everything is discussed in detail in advance, then I make a sketch or a digital draft, which is coordinated with you. Based on this draft I start with the realization of the painting. During the process I will occasionally send you photos or videos, so that you have the opportunity to interact during the process, should you have minor suggestions or change requests. When the painting is finished, I will send you photos and a video again. If you still want to make changes, it is never too late. The painting is only completely finished when it is exactly as you imagined it!

I want to surprise a loved one with the painting, is it possible to make a portrait of without the portrayed person being involved?

Yes! Many of my commissioned works are surprise gifts and the recipients were consistently not only super happy with the result, but deeply touched by the appreciation shown.

How do I get my painting after completion delivered?

You can come and pick up your painting yourself or have it picked up or it will be sent to you. Depending on the format, we agree in advance the "delivery modalities".

If the painting is sent by me, it will be packed in a wooden box specially made for shipping. With bubble wrap, corner protection and of course the certificate of authenticity it then makes its way to you.

I pass on the shipping costs to you at no extra charge. These vary greatly, depending on size and weight as well as the receiving country. An additional shipping insurance for the full amount of the work, should always be taken out.

When you have received your price offer for the painting and we are in agreement, I will calculate the shipping and insurance costs and inform you in advance.

How long does it take until my artwork is finished?

Again, unfortunately, there is no blanket answer. The time period depends on various factors:

How many people have just commissioned a work and how long the corresponding waiting list is.
How quickly you have gathered the "background information" and send it to me.
How often adjustments need to be made during the creation process.

Oil paint in particular dries slower in the winter and must be applied in dried layers at a time, so the time of year also plays some role in the time factor.

However, one can say that a good "average" is about 3 months. Calculated from the time I started to implement the work.

If you have a specific date when the work "has to be ready", it makes sense to place the order as early as possible to avoid the risk that the waiting list sabotages the deadline. If you are already short of time, please contact us, sometimes we can find a solution to speed up the process a bit.

Further questions?

We are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us at artgallery@shirin-donia.de.