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  • Oil painting on mixed media on wood, framed
  • 100 x 140 x 2,7 cm

BADA BOOM You purchase a unique piece! The painting BADA BOOM is one of the works from... more
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You purchase a unique piece! The painting BADA BOOM is one of the works from the series: "LEGENDARY"! It is painted with oil and acrylic on a mixed media layer on wood and already framed and can be hung quite simple with a nail directly. Order online - get conveniently delivered to your home - unpack - hang up - enjoy!

This piece is inspired by the fictional ckarackter Leeloo, played by Mila Jovovich in the movie "The Fifth Element".


100 x 140 x 2,7 cm


The work is unique and you will receive a certificate with name, date and signature.

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Approx. 10 working days


This series of paintings I dedicate to all the wonderful supernatural legends, freaks and icons that have touched me. Movies that have captivated me, actors with whom I can identify in one way or another, or artists whose music is legendary to me. The series differs from my previous series not only in depiction of famous personalities, but also in that I have painted more men than ever before. And a major artistic change for me is the painting technique. I have for the first time mixed media, acrylic and oil packed together and thus created a "legendary" mix of different painting techniques.

Shirin Donia art at your home

I am pleased that you are interested in a Shirin Donia artwork for your home. For art lovers and people who value exceptional interior design, interiordesign or design in general, my art is suitable in any form. Any mixed media painting, original oil painting or acrylic painting or a high-quality art print - guaranteed an eye-catcher in your stylish ambience. Particularly well the works of art come into their own in an old apartment or houses in the Bauhaus style. Whether you want to beautify your living room, bedroom, dining room or hallway with art - in my large assortment of artwork, paintings and art prints, you will certainly find - I would be happy!

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properties "BADA BOOM - Unikat"
Unikat / Print: Unikat
Serien: Legendary
Material: Acryl, großformatig, Mixed Media, Ölgemälde