TOO FAB – mini - Unikat

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  • 40 x 40 x 2 cm
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TOO FAB - mini You buy a unique piece! The painting TOO FAB - mini  is one of... more
Product information "TOO FAB – mini - Unikat"

TOO FAB - mini

You buy a unique piece! The painting TOO FAB - mini is one of the works from the series "SUPERPOWER"! It is painted on a mixed media layer on wood and already framed and can be hung very simple with a nail directly. Order online - get it comfortably delivered to your home - unpack - hang it up - enjoy!

100 x 140 x 2,7 cm

The work is unique and you will receive a certificate with name, date and signature.

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Approx. 10 working days

In a time when the world seems fast, confusing, sometimes overwhelming and even evil, you need tremendous strength, a kind of superpower, to be able to hold your own. 

By SUPERPOWER is meant the strength that is in everyone. Everyone has a superpower within them, you "just" have to find it and make it available. It's about self-love, believing in yourself and visualizing your goals and dreams. Implementing them and thus making them one's own identity. In this way, you can create a new reality for yourself, which then becomes a lived reality and create exactly the life you want. 

This is not an easy process that happens on the side. But since I am convinced that our true being is made of superpower, it is possible! It is possible to leave one's old world and enter a new world that. An himself has designed, to dive into. 

With this series, I have artistically accompanied my own process and created a series of powerful, expressive and positive statement paintings to share my power and love with the world!

Shirin Donia art in your home
I am delighted that you are interested in having a piece of Shirin Donia art for your home. For art lovers and people who value exceptional interior design, interior design or design in general, my art is appropriate in any form. Each mixed media painting, original oil painting or acrylic painting or a high-quality art print - guaranteed an eye-catcher in your stylish ambience. Particularly well the works of art come into their own in an old apartment or in houses in the Bauhaus style. Whether you want to beautify your living room, bedroom, dining room or hallway with art - in my large assortment of artwork, paintings and art prints, you will certainly find - I would be happy!

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properties "TOO FAB – mini - Unikat"
Unikat / Print: Unikat
Serien: Super Power
Material: Acryl, Mixed Media