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  • ART
  • Acrylic painting on mixed media on wood, framed
  • 100 x 140 x 2,7 cm
  • Unfortunately, the original is already sold. Please send an inquiry via "CONTACT" if you are interested in a commissioned painting with a similar subject.

BELIEVE You buy a unique piece! The painting   BELIEVE   is one of the... more
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You buy a unique piece! The painting BELIEVE is one of the works from the series "FACADE"! It is painted with acrylic on a mixed media layer on wood and already framed and can be hung quite simple with a nail directly. Order online - conveniently delivered to your home - unpack - hang up - enjoy!


100 x 140 x 2,7 cm


The work is unique and you will receive a certificate with name, date and signature.

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Approx. 10 working days


The painting series "FACADE" deals - as the name suggests - with the facade, the appearance, which in our time more and more often covers the reality and pretends something to others. I spontaneously felt the need to deal with this topic artistically
Consciously, I have not depicted the people as usual realistic, but in keeping with the theme and the concept of the whole work, a quick, abstract stroke chosen. Characterized by hard contrasts - black and white meets pastel tones. Above the eyes and mouths of the otherwise delicate-looking women a black dominant bar with white typography. Words like "Artist, Lover, Faith and Hope" briskly brushed in capital letters. Reminiscent of the impression of street art - loud and unmissable. The usual careful elaboration, which are typical of earlier works of mine, are completely absent here. Quasi a painterly outburst in the otherwise so orderly world. I have been told that the painting is reminiscent of the "Junge Wilde" of the eighties, but it springs mentally completely from our present time
Also, anonymity plays a big role, many faces represent typical posing beauties, as you know them from current lifestyle magazines, but I have them alien, unrecognizable, out of context and very multilayered depicted: sometimes vulnerable, sometimes arrogant, sometimes strong, sometimes weak
The questions that arise: Where does the facade begin here, where does it end? A presumably unsolvable riddle. A mirror of the viewer, of ourselves in this day and age? What exactly do we really reveal about ourselves? How do we show ourselves in public, what do we tell on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like? The perfect staging of a facade?

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properties "BELIEVE X - Unikat"
Unikat / Print: Unikat
Serien: Facade
Material: Acryl, großformatig, Mixed Media